Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 4 of Family Sew 12 Challenge

Today was sort of a rainy, stay inside day. I worked on going through some craft magazines and books and getting rid of ones that I know I will never use. Felt good, will take another box to the thrift store on Saturday.

I worked on my knitted afghan today, and maybe I will finish it soon. I have started the first side of the inside border, but it is on the long side of the afghan. I may start a new scarf this week, to have a portable project to work on during Annalise's basketball practice. I need to spend some time organizing the sewing room and get stuff put up and off my cutting table, then make some monogrammed journals for Annalise's basketball team. I also need to finish the jewelry for my sister, and do the purse accessories for mom.

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