Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 3 of Family Sew 12 Challenge

I had forgotten how long it takes to do counted-cross stitch!

I worked on my counted cross stitch UFO tonight for an hour. You can't see anything that I accomplished, at least I can't. Maybe I'm looking at the big picture too much, no pun intended. I'm trying to get all the outline of white and cream done where I am actually having to count. Once I get the cream finished, the rest is filled in with black. Then I can take this project with me to things like Annalise's basketball practice.

Did I mention that this is a Georgia "G" in antiqued colors? You are supposed to make some sort of lodge pillow out of the finished piece. Not sure if that is what this will become or not. At this rate, it may not get finished this year.......

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